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The War of the Hummers

In Personal Blog on August 15, 2013 at 9:12 AM

Earlier in the summer I put two small hummingbird feeders on our picture window outside the kitchen breakfast room.  A matched pair of birds have been fighting over the source of food ever since.  Right now I see a male and female perched on a tree branch outside the window of my upstairs office where I am typing this message.  The lively pair are sitting conveniently close to the newer bigger hummingbird feeder that I hung over the same picture window.

Everyday they used up the sugar water in the two smaller feeder vials so quickly that I was adding more liquid to the containers several times daily.  I decided to use one larger feeder to save myself some time and footwork.  Now that they have discovered the new feeder it’s World War III on the back porch.  These fascinating critters provide us with plenty of action to view at mealtimes as they dive bomb one another and chasing one another off the sweet juice.  Territorial beasts they are!

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