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The Lost Glove

In Personal Blog on January 17, 2013 at 7:11 PM

We just returned from a “surgical strike”  quick visit to Denver, CO to the Vincent Van Gogh art exhibit at the Denver Museum of Art. Van Gogh was a Dutch post Impressionist painter who live from 1853 to 1890. Some of his famous works include “The Potatoe Eaters ” and “Starry Night”. We arrived in Denver on a Tuesday morning and returned home to Atlanta on Wednesday night.

After we read an article about the show in the Wall Street Journal we planned a visit. A young curator on staff at the DenverMuseum had spent eight years obtaining permission from other museums all over the world to loan Van Gogh paintings to the Art Museum of Denver. To prepare for the exhibit $3 million was spent and the curator for the show traveled thousands of miles to collect permissions to borrow the paintings.

The pictures we saw were a mixture of ones were were familiar with and others we had never seen. Van Gogh’s vivid use of color was remarkable. He used complementary colors in a striking manner and his paintings have stood the test of time in their popularity with the public.

We had never been to Denver and found the city filled with many of young people. The weather was a cool but comfortable 50 degrees, and we walked the city streets looking at the sights. As a sunset dropped over the Rocky Mountains in a bright fiery orange-red we fell in love with the natural scenes that were everywhere. The beauty of the sky was setting us up for the marvelous paintings we saw in the museum the next day.

On Wednesday we walked through six big rooms in the museum to observe the changing paintings. Each room showed a new, more polished and sophisticated style of the painter’s brushstrokes as he gained experience in his craft.

When we returned home I found that I had lost a glove in transit. Here is a children’s story about it:

                                                                                                The Lost Glove

                                                                                             By Rebecca Pinckney

                                                                                      A Story for Children of All Ages

Hello there, I am a talking blue glove who is lost from its owner.  I am lying on the pavement outdoors and the temperature has fallen below 32 degrees. A freezing rain is beginning to fall.

If I never get reunited with my owner again, I know I have had a wonderful life. I want to share with you about my last adventure which was the best one ever.

I belonged on the hand a grandmother who has just taken a trip to an art museum in a city far away from from her home. She and her husband traveled from Atlanta, GA to Denver, CO to see the Van Gogh exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.

The trip was very short, only two days in length. But I saw wonders that I will always remember.

The show was about a painter named Vincent Van Gogh who lived over a hundred years ago from the 1853 to 1890. He painted pictures of people and their lives and scenes from outdoors and pictures of houses and rooms and some self portraits.

He grew up in as the oldest child in a family consisting of his parents, two other brothers and three sisters. His entire family was interested in art and in religious life.

His father was a pastor as were several of his ancestors. He had even tried to be a pastor himself but it did not work out.  Some of his relatives were artists or art dealers, so art abounded in his life. Although he had drawn pictures from his early youth he began to paint as a career in his late twenties. As he read and studied all the books he could find about painting, he applied what he could to his own work.

The artist lived in many places but near the end of his life he lived in the Provence region of France. Vincent_Willem_van_Gogh_128There he painted colorful pictures of animals, flowers and insects, boats on the short and flowering trees. He also painted landscapes of fields and the farms and villages and homes nearby.

The pictures he painted that are my favorites are the ones he named The Sunflowers. They are simple pictures of vases of sunflowers, and they are in very bright colors. He painted the flowers for an artist friend who came to live with him in Provence named Paul Gaugin.

He had wanted to start a colony of artists with Mr. Gaugin. But that did not happen. Instead, he became very sick and suddenly passed away.  It was a great shock to his family and friends who supported him in his work as an artist.

After he passed away his sister-in-law showed his paintings in a big city in Holland.  There more and more people became excited by the wonderful way he used color and they thought his paintings were magnificent.

Now you can see his work in a museum devoted only to his work called the Van Gogh Museum in the city of Amsterdam.

Out of his unfortunately short life came many beautiful pictures. His pictures are are easy to love for their colors and subject matter. I wonder which one is your favorite?


The Weather is Delightful

In Personal Blog on January 12, 2013 at 9:39 PM

We are having a heat wave in the middle of January.  Today the temperature was 75 degrees so

we rode our bikes at the River where it was an obstacle course to swirve around the

crowds of people walking the paths.  Everyone was out of doors enjoying the warm weather.

I wonder what will happen to the camellias that are coming into bloom in our yard.  Will they

look beautiful and then get frozen?  I hope not.

The pink flowering quince is beginning to bloom along with the winter daphne behind the fence

at the end of the driveway.  It  smells divine and is almost matched in odor with the flowering

honeysuckle along the side yard fence.  Who says there are no flowers in the middle of winter in



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In Personal Blog on January 3, 2013 at 11:56 AM

So, I am trying to write a bit each day on this blog. It is a New Year’s resolution. But I also know that NY’s resolutions seldom work. So I am just going to work at writing something on the blog in a regular manner.


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