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In Personal Blog on October 1, 2012 at 10:03 PM

My 88 year old Mother passed away unexpectedly on September 9, 2012 at 6:15 p.m.

She was the last person in her family of seven siblings to pass on to eternity.

She was 5 days shy of 89 years old. I know she went on without remembering that we had planned a big birthday party for her.  She loved any occasion to have a party. Her eyes lit up with pleasure when she saw her family coming to see her.

Her body and spirit were worn out and tired. She had been ready to go for months.

She wanted to be with Papa Bob her husband of 63 years, and never quite understood why

he went on to heaven without her 16 months ago.  Now they are reunited and I rejoice

for their heavenly reunion.


Her father, Llewellyn Donalson Fain, nick-named her “Angel” when she was born in 1923

because he said, “she looks like a little angel” when he held her in his arms the first time..


She was my best lady friend and confidant.

She was the person who giggled at my corny jokes and always supported my

hair-brained ideas, no matter how unreasonable. She was a talented seamstress and made

all my clothing for me when I was in Junior High School. 

She was the President of the Literary Club and the Colonial Dames of the 17th Century.

Her name Martha meant Lady.  She was that, a real Southern lady who poured herself into her family and friends.

She was a constant support for me when my two sons were small and challenging.

She was just plain fun to be with. The boys loved to be with their Grandmama Angel.


It was very hard for her to grow old. As her body slowed down and she became immobilized,

she said she was ‘useless’.


Oh Mama, if only you knew how many people you influenced in a positive manner!

Since you passed I have had many letters and comments from friends and family who said you made

such a positive impact on their lives by your encouraging words and strong supportive

demeanor. People I have never met have written letters to me about how much they loved and enjoyed your personality and style.

You really were an angel of sorts and you have joined the heavenly throng of those witnesses who are encouraging my time left here on earth. 

I hope that I may prove you proud of me, dear Mama. I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

The Daughter of an Angel

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  2. Becky, what a beautiful tribute to your mother! One could only hope that their daughter thought as highly of them. Your mother would be so proud of your words.

  3. so great!
    to me this sounds like a relaxed eulogy.
    surely, mom is the one and only, the unchenganble being in our entire life..

  4. Dear Violet Cactus,
    What a great name you have! I love it.
    You are right. Mama wanted to be the only
    unchangeable being in our life, and she was
    as baffled by the onset of crippling diseases
    as we were. It hurt her feelings that she could
    no longer walk and move about as she had
    before. I think that was the hardest part for her
    to adjust to the withering away of her physical
    She will always remain unchangeable in spirit,
    that was unconquerable. For many years I had
    had this notion she was about 45 years old or so
    because she aged very gradually. Then, boom,
    old age set in like a cold cloud and she became
    discouraged and frustrated. But her spirit was
    indomitable. She shook her fist in the face of old
    age right up to the last day.
    Thank you for your comment.

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