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Barred Owl & Squirrel Encounter

In Personal Blog on March 23, 2012 at 11:56 AM

We have a new visitor to the backyard menagerie.  It is a Barred Owl which has taken over the nesting site of a family of squirrels in the big oak in the backyard.

I have a bird’s eye view of the nesting site because my office is on the second floor and faces out to the back of the house and yard.  The nest is in a very old oak and has been the home to several animal families over the years.

One of the most colorful families was a mother raccoon and her four kits.  She used the hole in the tree for a season. That spring it became hot very early and she would literally ‘hang out’ by flopping over the limb.

She moved the kits once they became active.  By taking each one carefully by the nap of the neck she transferred them to a new place.

Back to the owl.

Yesterday a small  gray squirrel came and looked into the nest.  The owl was sitting very close by on a limb.  The squirrel hesitantly crawled closer and the owl flew off!  The squirrel looked into the nest and then scampered down the trunk. I guess he was wondered what happened to their home.  It has been taken over by another bigger creature.

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