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Figs On the Tree and the Battle Commences

In Personal Blog on March 15, 2012 at 11:56 AM

I have regretted that we do not have more sun in the yard.  Last spring, we planted two pear trees in the front side yardwhere some Bradford pears finally bit the dust after 25 years. An enormous fig tree in the back yard grows in the backyard.  That is the extent of the fruit trees we have.

The backyard fig was once located in the front by the garage where it doubled in size in less than two years.  It forms a big canopy over the middle of the shaded woodland garden. We moved it to the back yard six years ago behind the deck and where it  flourishes, even in part shade.

It is the site of our annual battle with the squirrels and the birds for the fruit of the tree.

This spring, due to the nice amount of rains, we have tiny green fruit sprouting on all the branches of the fig tree.   I stopped counting the fruit at one hundred and fifty.

In the past I have had luck making fig preserves and fig jam from the fruit of our tree.  I hope the animals in the yard leave enough for us to do the same this year.  The war commences between the humans and the animals.  Wonder who will win. I will keep you posted.

By the way, the owl called at  several times last night near the big oak last evening.

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