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Teasel Beaver

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Teasel Beaver

Beavers have to keep chewing to keep their teeth from growing too large.  Forest tree limbs keep their teeth sharpened and provide structure for the dams they make.

The Beavers of Crooked Creek

A smokey fog hung like a wet blanket over the still forest floor. Two beavers gnawed big tree trunks by the gurgling creek.

“BAM”, a tree fell with a loud crash.  Bobby Beaver, jumped back as the tall tree fell at his feet.

“Scram Bobby! You are in my territory!” shouted Baxter Beaver rushing over to the scene .

“Oops, I did cross the line, didn’t I ,”  said Bobby.

“You purposely crossed the creek ’cause my trees are bigger,” Baxter said.

“Just let me haul off this tree.  I will go back to my side,” said Bobby.

“If I  help you, will you give me part of the logs and branches of the tree to put into my dam?” Baxter asked.

“Okay,” said Bobby, “let’s get started.”

They cut and hauled and hauled and cut.  A day later, the tree was cleared and both beaver dams  were barricaded.

“My teeth are so sharp from all this work that I could buzz saw through a half a dozen tree,” said Baxter.

“Instead of doing that, let’s have a celebration party,” said Baxter.

“Can you slap your tail on top of the water louder than me?” Bobby asked.

Playing through the day, they later arrived home tired and happy.

  1. Hi Rebecca!

    Anthony Pearson here–just wanted to say that you’ve got some great ideas with your Teasel Creatures! (perhaps you would also be a good speaker on art the arts/crafts business…hint hint)

    Anyway, feel free to get in touch with me about your crit. group down the road. Best of luck with your writing!

    • HI Anthony, Thanks for the support. I so appreciate it. You are my hero, you know. You are the only person that I have had contact with who is kind of like me (though not a beginner) and has actually published a book! That’s great. I would be more than happy to help with your school project. Just give me a three week notice bec. I travel back and forth between here and Tallahassee to help out with my 88 year old mother. We need to figure out a good time for you to help us out with the critique group. I have not been a member but a short time, but I am pretty sure that it meets only during the school year and not in the summer months, but we can check on that. Becky


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