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Cold Weather is Blowing In

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Well, old man Winter is not through with us yet.  It has been hovering in the mid-30s all day and I was caught out in the cold.  I attended an Herb Society meeting this a. m. and then did some shopping at the mall later in the day.

The wind was whipping up a gale then and now that it evening, darkness has fallen.  The sound of the wind rushing through the trees in the back yard is like the roar of  ocean waves.  It is a massive rushing sound and before it became pitch black the tops of the trees were being tossed about like stems of grass.

Seeing the tossing trees reminded me of what I learned in Master Gardener class.  The action of the wind causes the branches of the trees to wave wildly about. That in turn causes the roots of the trees to extend further down into the soil and the tree becomes stronger. Being tossed about makes the roots go deeper and stronger.  There is an analogy to life I appreciate in that action. The harder life becomes the stronger our roots.

Here is my take on autumn leaves and change:

Autumn Calling

by Rebecca Pinckney

What is it my body feels at this time of year?

There is a quickening in my pace,

As renewed energy flows through my limbs.

I view the changing vivid colors of the leaves

And I realize the quickening

Is happening there high in the treetops too.

The ancient surge of change of season and time

Catches my imagination.

I anticipate new ideas gently sailing to me

Like colorful leaves falling to the ground.

  1. Love your statement about being tossed about forms deeper roots –so true!

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