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The Teasel Ram

In Personal Blog on February 5, 2012 at 10:50 AM

We walked 3 miles this a. m. The leaves have disappeared leaving bare limbs and tree forks exposed. I counted more than twenty-five squirrel nests at the river. It feels delightful to be out in the sixty degree weather. Everyone is marveling and holding their breath to see if we have any more really cold weather this season.

Once there was a snow storm in Atlanta during the first week of March. It was during the Spring break from school. Lots of our children’s friends had gone north to snow ski with their families, but we had a blast playing in it right here at home.

Ramsey the Teasel Ram Cleared Away the Snow

All night long the snow had fallen hard and silently spread a thick white blanket over the earth. Our front yard was filled with strange new shapes and odd-looking mounds where bushes used to be.

In the early morning, Steven and Andrew peered out at a frozen white muffled world. It was the first day of Spring Break and they exploded out the house with excitement at the prospect of playing in the wonder land of snow all day.

“Let’s get that big snow shovel from the basement. We can use it like a plow to clear a path to the street!,” yelled Steven to Andrew.
“I am stronger than you are, I will shovel it first,” Steven declared.

“Wait until I get my Teasel Ram, he will save the day,” said Andrew.
Andrew’s Teasel Ram was a small toy which looked like a real animal, except that it was crafted from the seed pod of the teasel plant.

He fastened it to the top of the snow shovel with twine.
“Okay, Mr. Ramsey the Teasel Ram, let’s show everyone how strong we are,” he said.

For the next hour the brothers took turns shoveling the snow to form a neat path to the street. Each time one of them got tired, they pretended the teasel ram would encourage them to finish the path.

“Say there, young fellow,” said Ramsey Ram as he saw Steven grow red in the face from shoveling snow, “put your hands in a grip about 6 inches apart, then bend your knees when you lean down to scoop.”
“That will save your back, and you won’t have to work so hard,” said the Ram.

“Okay, Mr. Ram, you use your big horns like a snow plow to push animals away who might hurt you. Instead of pushing away enemies, we are pushing back the snow with the shovel,” said Steven.

After taking his final turn with the snow shovel, Andrew said, “Look, Steven. We are at the end of the driveway. Let’s sled down the steep street.

Hurray! Now let’s go and play. Mr. Teasel Ram saved the day!” he said.

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